Six Weeks In

Hi friends!

I'm sitting in Calgary, getting caught up on life after six weeks of promoting Falling Like The Rain, and I thought I'd take a few minutes and say hi to you guys and update you on what's been going on.

It's been a whirlwind since the middle of March when we released FLTR. I spent 3 weeks in my car with my guitar player, Derek, visiting with radio stations in Ontario. Then I headed out for a week in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and I just wrapped up a week in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I have a full schedule of promo and a couple shows in Alberta this week, and I'm in British Columbia the week after. It's just me and my guitar in my 2006 VW Beetle on the open road, and it's been incredible. I've logged THOUSANDS of kilometres, I've reconnected with some old friends, and I've made a ton of new ones. It's a grind, but I'm so grateful for the chance to be out here doing this. It's an incredible way to see this country.

A few highlights so far:
• Playing live on CTV Morning Live in Saskatoon. I've had the chance to play on TV shows before with Bobby Wills and Ryan Laird, but this was the first time I've been interviewed and played live as "me". A HUGE thanks to Stephanie, Jeremy, Blair, John, and the rest of the CTV crew for having me on and making it so much fun!!

• Staying with my friend Amy's stepdad Paul in New Brunswick. We had only met briefly once before, but Paul opened his home to me while I was passing through. We ate bacon wrapped scallops, drank cocktails, listened to classic country music, and laughed until we could hardly stay awake anymore. We were practically strangers when I showed up, and I left with a friend for life. Thank you Paul.

• Playing for the residents at an assisted living home in Winnipeg. I jumped at the chance to go hang out and play some songs for a bunch of country fans. Seeing their beautiful faces light up when I played songs like Hey Good Lookin'Tennessee Waltz, and You Are My Sunshine, was unforgettable. I left with a full heart. Thanks to Nicole for setting it up.

• All of the radio and print interviews. I've tremendously enjoyed chatting with all you radio personalities and newspaper reporters from across the country. It seems to get more fun with every visit I make, and I've loved nerding out with many of you on everything from cartoons to Aaron Sorkin television shows to classic country music and the magic of radio. I'm immeasurably grateful that you guys have taken an interest in what I'm doing.

• I've seen a few abandoned houses while driving through the prairies, and when I've had time, I've pulled over and wandered around with my camera. I can't help but think about the history of the building and the land. Who lived there? What were their stories? I'll have a ton of photos by the time I'm done this tour...maybe I'll put together a book of the images I collect on my travels!

This morning I got a message from a Syrian girl who's living in Dubai. She'd found the video for Falling Like The Rain on YouTube, and she sent me a message to say she was inspired by it - she plays in a country band there. What an amazing thing to wake up to. The internet really is a powerful thing. 

I'm excited for the week ahead. I'll be visiting radio stations throughout Alberta, and I'll be playing a couple of shows in Red Deer and Drumheller. If you're in the area, I'd love to meet you. Come hang out! Show details are on Facebook, and in the tour section of this site.

Hope this finds you well...until next time! :)

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